White Mandala Boho Lace Carved Bed Frame, TV Stand and Sideboards at LOOMLAN

December 28, 2020 6 min read

LOOMLAN introduces white mandala bohemian lace hand carved bed frame, the boho lace craved TV stand, the hand craved bohemian white wash sideboard, dresser and nightstand. The bohemian atmosphere can be now all yours through this new line of elegant white carved furniture.  Make your life memorable, let your heart sink in the feeling of being home.

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LOOMLAN Expands to Carry Designer Rugs by Linie Design, A Danish Company

December 07, 2020 7 min read

LOOMLAN expands its market presence by an addition of Linie Design modern area rugs selection. Linie Design is a a developer and wholesaler of handmade rugs, who is well known in Northern Europe. LOOMLAN is excited to offer its customers Linie's rich designs, crafted by the finest rug makers rated as the highest quality due to their outstanding quality, comfort and impressive durability.
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The Modern Rustic Sideboard and How to Decorate a Sideboard

August 04, 2020 6 min read

What you need to know before buying a Modern Rustic Sideboard Cabinet
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LOOMLAN Designer Rugs - Read This Guide Before You Buy

July 11, 2020 6 min read

In the overwhelming world of choices of rug shapes, colors, patterns, purposes and materials it becomes challenging to focus on key focus areas when it comes to choosing a right rug for your home. In this quick read I give you pointers on how to pick a right rug that suits your needs and gives you the performance you want. I will cover the rug layout, types of rugs, rug maintenance and back up the information by simple visuals.
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