Zanzibar Rectangular Chandelier Light Bronze Gold/Raj Mirror Wrought Iron/Glass

Plane after plane of burnished Raj mirror bring a stunning radiance to any interior into which the Zanzibar Rectangular Chandelier is placed. One of our bestselling fixtures, its popularity stems from the beautiful glow of reflecting light from within its mottled glass. The wrought iron frame of this elongated chandelier has been treated to an aged light bronze gold finish, which lends warmth to the light. This is a stunningly large scale 12-light fixture designed to be an eye-catching focal point.

Dimensions: 16 X 45 X 30
Adjustable: Yes
Adjusted Dimensions: 20 X 67 X 1
Light Bulbs: 12 / 60 / 720 / E12 CA Flame Tip / Bulbs not included. / 120v