Castille Demi-Lune Charcoal Gray/Natural Faux Shagreen/Maple

With a waistline that must have been cinched with a corset when it was designed, the Castille Demi-Lune Table will be a shapely scene-stealer in any space. Clad in pieces of charcoal gray faux shagreen delineated by strips of natural maple, the pattern that accentuates the lines on the table base flow up to the top to form a wedge-shaped pattern that gives the composition extra artfulness. Place this beauty in a foyer and it will greet guests gracefully. The Castille Demi-Lune Table is in our Denise McGaha Collection.

Dimensions: 30.25 X 44 X 20.5
Adjustable: No
Features: Adjustable Glides, Anti-Tip Kit