Kelsey Reversible Chaise Sectional Grey

Reversible Chaise Sectional Grey

The Kelsey Sectional is simplistic in style, timeless is design and flexible in its versatility. Sectional can be used in RF or LF Chaise configuration with its floating chaise platform. No matter the room's layout, the Kelsey Sectional has the answer. Plush Grey fabric cover provides a clean backdrop for this sectionals use in any environment.


Grey Reversible Chaise Sectional  Features Summary:

Color: Grey
1. Plush Grey Polyester Fabric
2. Reversible Chaise Sectional - Allows LF or RF Layout
3. Mobile Chaise Support with Dual Sided Chaise Seat Cushion
4. Overall Sectional Dimensions: 96" x 66 x 34"
5. Hardwood Frame with Lifetime Warranty
Dimensions: 96.75 x 65 x 35.5

Designed and manufactured by Diamond Sofa.