Slate Lounge Seating Platform Moveable Backrest Supports Grey Polyester

Lounge Seating Platform Moveable Backrest Supports Grey Polyester

The Slate Collection is a uniquely designed piece offering true versatility and flexibility in its use. Each Lounger platform includes two weighted, non-skid backrests that allow you to move them anywhere on the surface to customize your seating experience or needs. Configure it like a sofa, chaise, lounger, etc. Your imagination is your only limit. Seating area is 83 inches by 41 inches providing a perfect sleeping area for guests as well. Platforms can be purchased and used individually or put two together for a Sectional. Cloud Collection provides a fresh new perspective on form and function. Available in Grey plush polyester fabric.

Grey Polyester Fabric Lounge Seating Platform Features Summary:

Color: Grey
1. Plush Grey Polyester Fabric Finish
2. Lounger includes: (2) Weighted, Non-Skid Moveable Backrests & (1) Accent/Lumbar Pillow
3. Multi-Function Piece: Sofa, Chaise, Lounger
4. Flexible and Functional for use in any room of the house
5. 83 Inch by 41 Inch Sleeping Area
Dimensions: 83 x 41 x 34

Designed and manufactured by Diamond Sofa.