Handmade Handwoven Wool & Polyester Idun Light Grey Modern Area Rug


Handmade Handwoven Wool and Polyester Idun Light Grey Modern Area Rug

T his light grey area rug boasts a base of gray, textured with grey yarns running throughout to give a sense of depth. The oversized herringbone pattern adds subtle texture to the touch and to the eye. Framed with a delicate fringing, this is a clean and discrete rug with an elegant twist.

This rug is available in two sizes and in 3 colors, with a varying pattern throughout, displaying varying shades of the primary color. This is an indoor use only rug that does require Prima Luxus rug pad for solid surfaces, item sold separately.

Grey rectangular area rug features:

  • Designed in Denmark, hand-woven by master artisans in India
  • Reminiscent of Art Deco design
  • Crafted using felted yarn for a soft texture
  • Rug composition: 70% wool / 30% Polyester
  • The addition of polyester lends the rug extra durability and softness
  • Made in India

Producing luxury hand-knotted rug is a long and complex process, requiring skilled craftsmanship and years of experience. The entire weaving work is carried out by hand with the traditional Tibetan knotting system on a vertical loom. The yarn is looped around a rod, woven through two warps and hammered into rows. After washing and drying, the rug is stretched in a metal frame to maintain a perfect rectangular shape. After this, the surface using hand scissors, and the borders are bound.