Whitlow Chandelier Burnt Wood/Antique Galvanize Wood/Wrought Iron

The Whitlow Chandelier changes its personality depending upon whether it is fitted with shades or not. For a more traditional feel, the shades are just what the design scheme ordered. Leaving them off accentuates the flowing spidery arms to greater effect. Made of wrought iron that has been treated to an antique galvanized finish and wood that has been treated to a burnt wood finish, this is a graceful creation amongst our chandeliers.

Dimensions: 29 X 51
Adjustable: No
Light Bulbs: 12 / 60 / 720 / E12 B Torpedo Tip / Bulbs not included. / 120v
Cord Length / Color: 13 / Silver
Shade / Color / Size: Shade Not Included /