Chauveau Chandelier Pearl White/Contemporary Gold Leaf Wrought Iron/Air Craft Cable

Ribbons of wrought iron encircle the open center of the Chaveau Chandelier like a gift of light you could give a room. The exterior of the wide bands arranged in such pretty waves have been treated to a pearl white finish, while the interior of the ribbons glow in a contemporary gold finish that bring added warmth to the illumination it exudes. We have hung the fixture with aircraft cable to keep the emphasis on the folded metal that looks as if it floats in the air.

Dimensions: 12 X 47
Adjustable: Yes
Adjusted Dimensions: 40 X 108 X 1
Light Bulbs: 16 / 60 / 960 / E12 B Torpedo Tip / Bulbs not included. / 120v