Handmade Loom-Knotted Viscose & NZ Wool Circulus Powder Taupe Beige Area Rug


Handmade Loom-Knotted Viscose and NZ Wool Circulus Taupe Beige Modern Area Rug

Each rug is expertly loom-knotted by skilled artisans in India using a combination of viscose and wool yarns. The viscose-based composition lends the design a beautiful lustre that creates a refined contrast with the tonal wool lines. Viscose rug with a soft texture, and somewhat of a shiny finish. This rug is available in three sizes and in 3 different colors, featuring an artistic scattering of dots along the edges. Using ancient handloom techniques, this collection of rugs has been skillfully crafted by hand to create an exclusive and authentic expression that machines are unable to replicate. Expert rug makers weave the product by interlacing the yarn lengthwise and widthwise with a shuttle, forming the density also vary greatly, depending if the rug is flat-woven or produced with a pile for a softer, plush finish.

This luxurious shiny taupe rectangular area rug features:

  • Designed in Denmark, hand-woven by master artisans in India
  • Reminiscent of Art Deco design
  • The rug is constructed from 95% high quality viscose and 5% NZ wool
  • The viscose makes this rug extra silky, durable and shiny
  • Made in India

Producing luxury hand-knotted rug is a long and complex process, requiring skilled craftsmanship and years of experience. The entire weaving work is carried out by hand with the traditional Tibetan knotting system on a vertical loom. The yarn is looped around a rod, woven through two warps and hammered into rows. After washing and drying, the rug is stretched in a metal frame to maintain a perfect rectangular shape. After this, the surface using hand scissors, and the borders are bound.