Handmade Loom knotted Wool & Viscose Siesta Coral Brown Area Rug


Handmade Wool and Viscose Coral / Brown Area Rug

The luxurious area rug features a simple, yet striking hand-loomed rug with nuanced textures and rich hues, an eye-catching, yet tasteful addition to any space. The rug is handwoven in India by skilled craftsmen using 50% wool and 50% viscose. The viscose gives the rug a rich, silken texture, tempered by natural wool yarns. Available in additional colors, and a variety of sizes.

This luxurious brown area rug

showcases an efficient smooth design which compliments beautifully with any decor. With its mellow nature, this rug makes a warm introduction into any home and will give it an amazing modern attraction.

  • Designed in Denmark, hand-woven by master artisans in India
  • Reminiscent of Art Deco design
  • Rug composition: 50% wool / 50% viscose
  • The addition of viscose lends the rug extra durability, softness and sheen
  • Made in India

Producing luxury hand-knotted rug is a long and complex process, requiring skilled craftsmanship and years of experience. The entire weaving work is carried out by hand with the traditional Tibetan knotting system on a vertical loom. The yarn is looped around a rod, woven through two warps and hammered into rows. After washing and drying, the rug is stretched in a metal frame to maintain a perfect rectangular shape. After this, the surface using hand scissors, and the borders are bound.