Handmade Hand Woven Wool Ardesia Charcoal Grey Modern Area Rug


Handmade Hand Woven Wool Ardesia Charcoal Grey Modern Area Rug

The Ardesia Area Rug by Linie Design is a handwoven, non-reversible area rug woven from 100% high quality wool, giving it a thick, matted texture. Both the light grey and charcoal varieties are speckled with a spectrum of grey shades. Simply designed and masterfully woven, this area rug will add warmth and comfort to your space while not distracting or overwhelming. This is an indoor use only rug that does require our Prima Luxus rug pad for solid surfaces (item sold separately). Product care includes vacuuming and using mild soap with a damp towel.

Frequently asked Questions:
Are deviations in sizes and colours to be expected?
Yes, minor deviations (+/- 3 % in size) are normal because all rugs are handmade.
Is it normal that the rug produces fluff?
Balls of fluff may appear on the surface, especially on hand-tufted rugs. It will, however, stop after a couple of months.
How do I clean the rug?
1. Use a vacuum cleaner or a carpet sweeper
2. Damp towel
3. Dry cleaners

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