Handmade Shag Handloom Wool Sprinkle Lime Green Modern Area Rug


Handmade Shag Handloom Wool Sprinkle Lime Green Modern Area Rug

The Rectangular plush green shag area rug is handmade, hand loomed, non-reversible polyester rug with a soft fiber texture that comes in three sizes and various solid patterned, neutral colors.

This green luxurious shag area rug provides comfort and warmth. A rug that you can sink your feet into, this rug is super thick and super soft. This area rug is made of 100% polyester and handmade. This rug features a non-slip cotton backing to prevent sliding. You will feel like you are stepping on a cloud with this shag rug. This plush shag area rug will be an instant hit in your home. Your feet will thank you as well. This rug is ideal for high traffic areas. It will be a great addition to any room in your home.

Shag area rug production process:
Selecting and spinning the yarn
Coloring and drying the yarn
Weaving the rug
Checking the quality of the rug


Are deviations in sizes and colors to be expected?

Yes, minor deviations are normal, because all rugs are
handmade (+/- 3 % in size).

Is it normal, that the rug produces fluff?
Balls of fluff may appear on the surface, especially at hand-tufted rugs. It stops after a couple of months.

How do I clean the rug?
1. Use a vacuum cleaner or a carpet sweeper
2. Damp towel
3. Dry clean